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Craig’s Story:

It began at the age of twelve speaking to an audience of 1,500 people, since then Craig has used his gift of storytelling to become a record breaking salesman, create memorable events for iconic brands such as Inside Sport & VonZipper, produce shows for MTV & VH1 and inspire audiences on stages across the planet.

Unlike most keynote speakers, Craig has written and presented hundreds (if not 1,000’s) of unique speeches sometimes having to write a new speech in less than 24 hours; this enabled him to master the art of quickly writing speeches that are creative, engaging, and unique.

This skill had him head-hunted as the head coach for a professional speaker’s institute, coaching speakers across Australia and New Zealand.

Craig also uses the skills learnt in his Education Degree to present, teach, and coach the most effective, outcomes-based, learner-focused education programs for you to become a better keynote speaker, presenter, and coach.

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  • Thank you for your birthday wishes! You all made me feel special and loved! Especially my wife @noheliaosullivan for doing all that you do!
  • Feliz Día de madre @noheliaosullivan de su hijo Romēo! I hope that you enjoy your first Mother’s Day and I look forward to your children making this day special for the reminder of your days. You are going to be such an amazing mother... you already are such a good mother to our son in preparing and researching, filling yourself with knowledge and doing him love even while he is in you! ❤️❤️❤️ #mothersday #happymothersday
  • I flew to the other side of the planet to marry a woman who God had set aside just for me. It was such an incredible season of seeing miracles and the goodness of God revealed in our relationship. 
5 years on I still see everyday (ok most days) the very reason why God brought us together. @noheliaosullivan I am ever grateful for your patients and tireless love for me through all of my “special moments”. Happy 5th anniversary and I can’t wait to put a zero on the end of that 5. Te amo mucho hasta infinito y mas allá! 🥰😘😍❤️
  • Received an incredible gift from one of our clients today. @wonderfulme.com.au this is so adorable. We are looking forward reading this to our son!
  • Out riding with my baby... and my baby. 😜
  • The new look of meetings. This was 1/8 virtual meetings I have this week with Kingdom Business U coaching groups and Kingdom Business Network Chapters across the country. #socialdistancing #virtuallearning #stayconnected
  • Getting as far away from people as we can! 😜 #socialdistancing
  • With all the challenges we face... this is still a beautiful world we live in. We can still appreciate what’s good while acknowledging the struggle.
  • 💙It’s a boy!💙 I’m so excited to be able to raise a boy. A boy who I can train with all the skills I have gathered to achieve his full potential and calling, a boy to carry on the O’Sullivan name, a young man I can teach to be a gentleman and respect women and walk with Christ. It was a genuine surprise! #itsaboy
  • What does @noheliaosullivan have in the oven? #cralia #teamcralia #babyannouncement #babyos


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