1 on 1 business mentoring

The mentoring program is designed for those individuals or businesses that are determined to achieve significant growth and who understand that this is a minimum 12 month commitment.

This program is not for the faint hearted or the non-committed; it is for those who are willing to make a difference and are not afraid of taking on challenges. With the program, your personal and your business goals are combined. You understand that introducing performance standards are the key to achieving what you want from yourself and your business in the future. Yes, we work on all areas of your business, but as your Mentor / Coach, there is more demand to really perform and not let you get away with all those ‘old habits’ that have been holding you and your business back. 

What’s included?

Quarterly Planning Sessions (4hrs)

Starting your mentoring program and at the beginning of each following quarter (every three months), we will spend half a day (four hours) together reviewing your progress, identifying items that need to be addressed, and setting out goals for the coming quarter. We will also invest time allowing our imagination to run wild with new creative ideas and strategise which are worth implementing. (N.B. This session is not for implementation.)

Session Schedule

  • 1 hour – Review past quarter (initial session will review and discuss Purpose Assessments)
  • 1.5 hour – Idea workshopping 
  • 1.5 hour – Plan quarter ahead

Initial Session

In our first session we will complete the ‘Discover’ phase of the OnPurpose Program. The Purpose Assessments will be provided for you to complete prior to the session. 

    Walk away with clarity and a plan of action for the coming quarter.

    weekly strategy sessions (2hrs)

    Each week we will hold you accountable to your progress through your plan as outlined in the Quarterly Planning Session and as agreed to in our previous strategy session. The majority of time in these sessions will be invested into the training, implementation and application of the strategies that were identified in the Quarterly Planning Session. These sessions are also beneficial to overcome any personal / mindset challenges that may be blocking you from making progress. and implement strategies. 

    Session Schedule

    • 15 minutes – Review (completed by the coach outside of session)
    • 15 minutes – Accountability
    • 75 minutes – Strategy implementation
    • 15 minutes – Plan the week ahead

    Ideas are worthless unless they are implemented.


    $2,500 + GST ($2,750)
    per month

    (Minimum 12 months & Credit Card Fees Apply)

    Are you ready?

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