About Craig...

I am passionate about helping everyday businesses owners grow themselves, their teams and their organisations through the use of effective communication.

- Craig O’Sullivan

Craig O’Sullivan is an Australian renowned business coach specialising in communication and content creation. He has the unique experience, knowledge, and ability to enhance your communication in marketing, social media, and as a leader.

Craig travels throughout Australia to coach entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners and managers, all with the idea that communication is key. He also travels worldwide to communicate with & coach many different diversities; overcoming language barriers and cultural differences to leave his audiences impacted, engaged, transformed, and the ability to communicate with greater influence.

Craig will give you the communication skills which will help you become more confident, teach you the skills you need to positively impact your business, staff, and your clients. He will use a unique, systematic approach that will allow you to transform and structure any future presentation regardless of the situation. You will learn how to identify wise, powerful and relevant lessons, and how to successfully communicate these to your audience, which will produce unbelievable results.

Craig has 24 years experience as a speaker and 18 years as an entrepreneur and business owner. For the past 7 years, he has focused on the communication coaching of thousands of other businesses, corporations, and individuals in many diverse fields; all who have been impacted greatly personally and professionally from Craig’s coaching & communication techniques which are unlike any other.

Craig has a diverse background with a wealth of experience in business, working closely with organisations such as Master Builders and HIA to provide their members effective strategies to get off the tools and the correct mindset to transform from a tradesman to businessman utilizing a powerful marketing system that he created called Sniper Marketing. He has an incredible amount of experience communicating to different audiences, communicating on social media, as well as communicating in marketing especially with this self-made marketing system.

Craig’s passion is to help everyday business people like you, to move forward from where you are into a future of endless possibilities through effective communication. It is Craig’s belief that with the right communication tools and the realization of the power that good communication can have, this will transform the everyday business person, whichever field you may specialize in.

With an intuitive insight, Craig is highly sought after for his high communication skills, strategic intellect, and creative forecasting. Working with Craig will not only leave you transformed in the ability to communicate to your staff, clients & business, transformed in confidence, but it will also help you to grow your business in ways you never thought possible.

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