It all began at the age of 12…


It began at the age of twelve speaking to an audience of 1,500 people, since then Craig has spoken internationally using his gift of storytelling to inspire people. He often presented a new speech every week, sometimes more than one a week which enabled him to master the art of quickly writing speeches that were creative, engaging, and unique. This skill had him head-hunted as the head coach for a professional speaker’s institute, coaching speakers across Australia and New Zealand.

Craig’s first business was an events management company that ran events all over Australia promoting products for iconic brands such as Inside Sport, VonZipper, and MTV and work with personalities like Joel Parkinson (Surfing World Champion) and Jamie Whincup (V8 Supercars Champion). Craig understands the key elements needed to make an event impacting and memorable.

Applying his events experience to his coaching business, Craig became the preferred business coach in his niche using only one marketing strategy… Event Marketing. Craig has gone on to running Event Marketing for some of Australia’s most influential experts and knows what is needed to convert attendees into clients.

Having sold everything from mobile phones to mortgages, Craig learnt every sales trick in the book, and hated most of them. Wanting to avoid being a typical used-car-salesman, Craig adapted the sales techniques to be more genuine and authentic, focusing on building a true connection with the prospect. This saw him rise quickly to the top, breaking national sales records everywhere he went and has been crucial in building connections with audiences.

As a qualified teacher, Craig understands the psychology of group dynamics and how to ensure learning outcomes are achieved. Specialising in Science and Physical Education Craig has mastered the use of Gestalt’s theory of Experiential Learning and knows the importance of practical demonstration and learner participation.