What Every person Should Know… 

How To IMPACT WITH confidencE
In 4 KEY Areas
So You Can
Attract new clients, close that deal
impress that special person.

In this 1-day workshop (or online program) you will access frameworks, strategies and skills used by professional speakers and the business elite who have been able to have unlimited confidence in uncomfortable, unfamiliar and awkward situations. You will…

Get direction by knowing your purpose
Get direction by knowing your purpose
Have confidence by understanding your Personality Profile, Natural Gifts & Unique Strengths
Have confidence by understanding your Personality Profile, Natural Gifts & Unique Strengths
Attract people around you by Mastering Storytelling Techniques
Attract people around you by Mastering Storytelling Techniques
Master yourself, your environment and impact the world around you
Master yourself, your environment and impact the world around you

Confidence breeds success – and it can be taught!

— Forbes Magazine

Uncomfortable, unfamiliar, awkward situations…

We have two possible outcomes;
we conquer with confidence or fail with fear!

What is the uncomfortable, unfamiliar, awkward situation you were in recently?

Did you want to speak to that person who is ‘out of your league’; in a bar, at the gym or at work?

Are job hunting or gunning for a promotion and have to do interviews?

What about starting a new business and trying to sign clients?

If we conquer these situations with confidence, we can feel unstoppable, invincible, like a superhero! But if we fail in fear, freeze, stutter or just make a fool of ourselves it can really mess with our confidence, our self-worth or worse lead to depression. 

Most people don’t know what they are doing wrong, and some have a false sense of confidence but still fail in certain situations. What if you could pin point exactly what it is that causes you to freeze or get nervous and access the tools to empower you to unconditional confidence to do what you never thought you could and get that job, promotion, client or that girl / guy… in just one day…?

This program will help you…

  • Learn how to have unlimited confidence in any situation
  • Discover your purpose, identify your unique strengths, gifts and personality
  • Master storytelling strategies that will make you the centre of attention
  • Apply strategies used by professional speakers to have confidence on stage in front of 1,000’s of people
  • Learn how to attract and gain maximum benefit from the best mentors
  • Gain maximum confidence from your experiences and not discredit yourself from not having the experience
  • Receive the confidence to make a difference in the world through serving people and having a greater impact
  • Coaching and immediate application into your current ‘uncomfortable and unfamiliar situation’ 
  • Only 10 people allowed per event to maintain an intimate environment and to allow plenty of individual coaching opportunities


Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment (Top 5 Strengths)

DISC Personality Profile Assessment 

Unique Gifts Assessment

Total value of over $3,000

1-day intensive


Learn all of this in one powerful day and see transformations immediately. 

10 week online PROGRAM

Join the online program and receive all of this training in 10x weekly live online sessions with live Q&A.


MEET your trainer and coach

Craig O’Sullivan 

  • Professional Speakers Coach
  • Headhunted to be the head coach at a Professional Speakers Institute
  • Keynote speaker for over 20 years on international stages
  • Produced shows for MTV and VH1
  • Bachelor of Education Degree
  • Coached and trained thousands of people internationally over the past 6 years
  • Trained by Hollywood scriptwriter and Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) storytelling lecturer, Alan Palmer and the world authority on non-verbal communication Michael Grinder

Book into a workshop with Craig to learn
professional speaker strategies
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