Keynote Coaching

Craig O’Sullivan is a thought leader and professional speakers coach. He is an expert in mindfulness, powerful storytelling and is obsessed with strategically empowering and coaching industry leaders to engage, inspire and transform themselves and others through finding their influential message in their experiences. Craig’s unique storytelling gift has seen him inspire audiences across Australia and internationally to find their purpose. He has used his storytelling gift to co-produce shows on MTV and VH1 and has coached 1,000’s of thought leaders from around the world to become engaging, inspiring and transformational speakers.


Coaching thousands of individuals for over 7 years, graduating an Education Degree with Honours and a Masters in Leadership delegate, Craig utilises the skills learnt to be able to break down complex concepts and present them as easy to apply, simple activities presenting to 10,000’s of people around the world each year on mindfulness and storytelling. With an intuitive insight, Craig is highly sought after for his strategic intellect and creative forecasting; Craig will empower you to a heightened awareness of greater levels of possibilities. 


Group Keynote Coaching

There are many advantages to being a member of a coaching group…

  1. More Time / Less Cost: As the expense is divided between the group, you get more hours with your keynote coach at a much lower price.
  2. Multiplied Creativity: As you are in a room with other people, you can gain experience and ideas from many different perspectives.
  3. Enhanced Accountability: We tend to perform better if we have the fear of peer pressure and letting down our group driving us to succeed.
  4. Systemised Structure: Within a group environment we are compelled to maintain steady progress within a set structure.
  5. Community Support: You will become part of a supportive community and develop friendships that will last well beyond the program.

Click here to find out more about our keynote coaching group called the Keynote Kreative…

Personal Keynote Coaching

Although we believe that our keynote coaching group the Keynote Kreative (click here to see program details) is the best way for you to develop your keynote presentation, sometimes you may want to have a little more flexibility with your time to complete your keynote in a shorter time or just simply want complete one-on-one attention. 

Book a free call with Craig to see if you are best suited to the group or personal coaching program.

Casual Keynote coaching

Do you already have a keynote presentation written that you would like help tweaking, or maybe you just want to spend some time with Craig to just get some clarity on ideas. Craig is available for both half and full-day casual coaching sessions.

Book a casual strategy, keynote, or idea workshopping session with Craig.