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A unique program (what makes it unique?) designed to create powerful, engaging and purposeful speeches to… 

& TED Speakers

Executives & Experts

Coaches, SMEs, NGOs & Start-Ups


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(What makes Craig unique?)

what is unique about this program?

IT will NOT

Make you a professional speaker (if your not already)

Only create a 5 minute speech

Churn you out like a cookie-cutter speaker-making factory

Over-promise under-deliver

Chalk and talk

Teach you audience manipulation

Make you into something you are not

Make you into a robot

Squeeze it all into 2 or 3 days; overwhelming and leaving you behind

Take you from broke, no job or clients, to being a millionaire in 3 days

Withhold information and up-sell you into another program



Discover your purpose and how to use keynotes within that purpose

Create a well crafted full 30-60 minute keynote

Provide individual attention of 1:1 with the community & price of a group (How?)

Ensure you leave with a completed keynote

 Creative space and ‘flipped-classroom’ teaching 

Create a genuine emotional connection

Use your natural genius and existing experience

Find your authentic delivery method and style

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a keynote; allow for the creative process over months

Show you how to use keynotes to get new clients, sell products or attract investors

Provide you with everything necessary to present your keynote with confidence

Use props & media

What they all teach (and so do we)

Identify your market / audience

Create a powerful introduction

Stage mental preparation

Systemise your genius with IP models

Filmed (HD) stage performance

Define your message

Draw out your story

Storytelling skills

Frameworks, checklists and templates

Audience participation


what others are saying about craig O’Sullivan

  • Craig O’Sullivan in action… HE IS BRILLIANT! He is an engaging, high-energy speaker with a touch of wit. He has a depth of understanding of what works in practice that, in my experience, few can match. Whether he is coaching one-on-one or interacting with a group, he will keep your mind active, stretch your thinking and have you creating your own new strategies. I have been impressed by his commitment to seeking the wisdom of others, which he weaves into his own presentations. I value Craig’s input into my own career and I’m fully persuaded that you will be glad you got to know him.

    Dr Rod St Hill – CHC College – Vice President

  • Craig transformed my 20 years experience in corporate into an inspiring message that delivered the outcomes I wanted. Craig has a contagious energy; teaching in a realistic way, adding value that goes above and beyond ensuring complete understanding. I highly recommend Craig to any executive who wants to have an inspiring, impactful speech.

    Bernard Kelly – McDonald’s (Multiple Franhisee)

  • Craig’s knowledge about professional speaking is second to none. My speaking has gone to a whole new level due to his guidance and expertise when it comes to storytelling, stagecraft and methodology. I highly recommend Craig as a coach to anyone who wants to enhance their speaking and storytelling skills. I can guarantee that his teaching will help you grow more than you thought possible… just like he has done for me.

    Ben Pettingill – Professional Speaker

  • Craig has a unique gift to coach and inspire people to reach further and chase their dreams. His ability to clearly communicate and articulate makes him a sort after speaker and leadership coach. Craig has and continues to inspire me and many others to greater things, as I know he will do for you.

    Allan Henderson – IMPULSE Entertainment – National Sales Director

  • Craig’s ability to help me get my message out of my head and make it a flowing, funny, and factual speech truly blew my mind!!!! My storytelling has reached heights I never even knew existed thanks to Craig’s guidance, knowledge and assistance.

    David Lindsay – Professional Speaker

  • Craig has a high ethical standard with a clarity that drives him towards mastery.

    Michael Grinder – World Non-Verbal Communications Authority

  • Craig’s vision to find the story in an everyday activity and tell the story in a unique way is what brought our show to life.

    Matthew Skene – MTV – Director

  • Craig’s coaching allowed me to be fully self-expressed and present in new ways I did not think were possible for me, allowing me to be more relatable and to convey the message of our organisation with greater impact. Craig is a committed and passionate professional devoted to use his gifts to elevate the skills of others.

    Maree McCabe – Alzheimer’s Australia – CEO

Limited to
10 people per group

No, not as a sales tactic to create scarcity

we limit the group to ensure you receive plenty of individual feedback, support and coaching from Craig.

This is not for people in transition trying to rediscover themselves. This is for people with genuinely unique experience, elite expertise, authentic authority or an existing business with a product or service.

— Craig O’Sullivan

Speakers are born NOT made… however… your keynote can be creatively crafted.

— Craig O’Sullivan

program overview

1-on-1 pre-program purpose session

Knowing your purpose and having clarity on your message can be the greatest hurdles and biggest roadblocks to being able to successfully create a keynote presentation. This is why before we even start, we will send you our Purpose Pack (StrengthsFinder, DISC Personality Profile, Gifts & Passions assessments), which Craig will review with you in a one-on-one video call to identify your purpose, the purpose of your message and the ideal audience for your message. 

6x Webinars and live Q&A (monthly)

At the beginning of each month there will be a live webinar (recorded and available for you 24/7 afterwards) that will teach you all of the relevant strategies, techniques and  skills along with providing any frameworks, templates or guidelines you will need to for that months activities. There will be an open Q&A at the end of this webinar to ensure you completely understand what is required to prepare effectively for that months Kreative Day.

6x Kreative days (monthly)

Each month you will come prepared (because of the ‘flipped-classroom’) with all necessary information, drafts and ideas ready to continue the creation your keynote. You will spend a full-day in a creative space (not a classroom, seminar nor boardroom) with a limited number of fellow Keynote Kreators getting individual feedback, advice and creative input from Craig and support from the group. Learn more about the Kreative Days

The Kreative Day will run from 1-7pm on a Monday to allow you to either sleep in (sometimes the creativity requires a sleep in), have the morning to work or do your last minute preparation for the Kreative Day.


You will have 24/7 access to a private Facebook group where you will be able to post any questions to Craig or the group to get feedback, creative inspiration or just motivation and support. 

showtime (final performance)

After you have completed the program we will host a showcase event where you will be able to invite friends, family and prospective clients to watch your keynote presentation along with your fellow Keynote Kreators. This will be professionally recorded in high-definition and provided to you for use in your promotions.


1 on 1 purpose session

6x Kreative Days

6x Webinars + Live Q&A

Forum 24/7

Showtime (Final Performance)

High-def professional recording

p.s. did I forget to mention? Most importantly… you get your full keynote created!

Yes, the whole thing!!!

$5,500 inc. gst


6x $1,100 inc. gst (monthly)

($6,600 inc. gst)

kreative days

Kreative day 1 – frameworks

Message preparation can take so much time, Craig will show you how to develop Intellectual Property (IP) from your experience and natural genius that will serve as the backbone to your message and also provide you with extra curricular engagement for your audience to engage with. He will also provide you with a PHRSE formula that is the blueprint which will cut your preparation time by up to 75% used by TED Talks and professional speakers around the world to ensure true impact and transformation from their message. 

Kreative day 2 – defining moments

How do you start a presentation? How do you finish? What information do you put where? What do you put on your slides? Whether it be a keynote address, TED Talk, or pitch, Craig will work on drawing out the most impacting information and guide you to structure it, prepare and create an atmosphere of authority for you in any medium that you present.

There will always be sceptics; learn how to address all of the myths objections and misconceptions of your audience members to ensure they can instantly connect with your vision. Mastering the Atmosphere Graph, building anticipation and delivering with an emotional effectiveness. Your message will take your audience on a memorable journey so they will not only be engage, but inspire to take action. 

kreative day 3 – Storytelling

Storytelling is how we have communicated for millenniums; each ancient society passing on wisdom and culture to the next generation through stories. With over 22 years of experience engaging, inspiring and transforming audiences, Craig has been driven to constantly develop his craft of storytelling. With a flair to turn your everyday event into a suspense filled, action packed, edge of your seat thriller, your keynote will be engaging and inspirational. Craig will help you cause true transformation through identifying a wise, powerful and relevant lessons that your audience will remember and immediately apply to take the action that you desire of them. Using a systematic approach to storytelling, Craig shares powerful yet simple models for storytelling, which you can apply to see immediate improvement in engagement, inspiration and transformation for your audiences. Craig will also teach you valuable lessons he has learnt from being a producer on MTV and being mentored by Hollywood scriptwriters so you can see the same results in your keynote. 

kreative day 4 – putting it all together

After months of researching, reflecting, reviewing and a whole lot of pacing, it is now time to put it all together and start refining your message. You will have pages and pages and pages of statistics, stories and studies, but you can’t use them all. Actually, you will use very little of it (don’t worry, non of the work is wasted, it can all be used in coaching programs, cocktail party conversations and sales meetings with potential clients) as this is all part of the process. Just like actors audition for a role in a movie, so your paragraphs, sentences and words need to also audition to be worthy of being in your keynote. We also use a keynote checklist to ensure that all of the key elements are in our keynote.

kreative day 5 – STagecraft 

With today’s ‘instant’ society, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to engage and maintain interest. This is made even harder with the rapid development of technology in personal devices, cinematography and the emergence of gamification. Using the skills learnt directly from Michael Grinder (world authority on non-verbal communication), Craig will help you map out your presentation so that each movement has purpose. Working on stage placement, hand gestures, facial expressions and body movement; having your non-verbal communication speak as loud as your voice. NOT MAKING YOU INTO A ROBOT!!! Just showing you the basic skills you need that fit comfortably with your personality.

kreative day 6 – Rehearsal / coaching

To cement your skills and create additional learning, at the end of the program you will have the opportunity to present the entire keynote that you have created. Craig will provide you with crucial coaching feedback along with an encouraging word to launch you into the next level of your communication ready for showtime (the final performance).

types of keynotes

Keynotes to inspire

Although all keynotes are designed to inspire, this type of inspirational or motivational keynote is a highly coveted type of speaker that is only truly achieved by people who have been through a significantly unique life experience, possess a rare gift or talent, or have achieved success at the elite level. There are audiences at schools, conferences, and major events all across the world wanting to hear your story and are ready to pay attractive fees for a speaker with this type of experience and a well crafted keynote. (Remember, I am not selling a pipe-dream! However, if you are in this category, a well crafted keynote will definitely help you attract higher speaking fees and, more importantly, have greater impact on your audience.)

Keynote address

Quite often as an executive or an expert of your field you are invited to present your vision or findings at an industry event, to shareholders or at a conference. While what you have to present is undoubtedly important and valuable, but do you want your presentation to miss the mark or even worse, have people drifting off? No! You want to have impact, you want to enact change, inspire action. This can only be done through a well crafted keynote and just as a motivational speaker can inspire a reaction in their audience, so you too (in your own style and personality) can motivate your audience to take a hold of your vision and change behaviours.

Keynote pitch

Selling is simply inspiring someone to change their views or opinions about a particular topic; that is what professional speakers do every time they step up onto a stage and present their ideas. The coaching and consulting industry has known the benefit of selling to many people at one time from stage rather than just selling one-on-one for a long time, however, this selling tool is not just limited to them, anyone who has a product, service or needs to raise capital can take advantage of this strategy also and start truly leveraging their time and business.  I know, I hear exactly what you are saying, you have been to those ‘pitch-fests’ where there has been one speaker after another telling you to run up the back of the room now because of limited spots, getting you to all raise your hands and get your head nodding so that you are compliant. Well I hate that style of ‘pitching’ from stage. They all tout about being authentic but you can almost predict exactly what they are going to say or do next. The true pitch is just like a motivational speech where you share your heart, vision and story in a well crafted keynote and only naturally you will attract the ‘right’ customer, client or investor for your business. I promise, no sleazy typical sales techniques; simply drawing out your true story and helping you present it in a way that will attract and inspire to action. 

What makes CRAIG unique?


Most professional speakers create one keynote and use it for many years; however, a preacher needs to write a new keynote every week, sometimes multiple keynotes. Craig has the unique gift to be able to quickly draw out a creative message from the slightest of inspirations of your story and experience.

23 Years Experience

Craig got his first taste of speaking on stage at the age of 12 to an audience of 1,500 as school captain at his primary school graduation. Malcolm Gladwell states, “to be an expert you first do that activity for 10,000 hours”, since Craig was 12 he has clocked up his 10,000 hours speaking on stages preaching, teaching, coaching and presenting keynotes.

Qualified Teacher

With a Bachelors Degree specialising in education, Craig has learnt how to prepare an effective curriculum and cater to different learning styles and abilities to ensure the fastest aptitude for his clients; you will not only be given information, you will truly learn and recall the information for many years.

LearNT from the best

Craig has been mentored by, coached for and spoken on stage with some of the most successful national and international professional speakers, business coaches, storytellers, and communications experts. He combines all of this knowledge and experience to give you only the crucial elements you need to be able to communicate your message for the greatest impact.

MTV Producer

A producer controls the overall story of a show; after running events all across the country for a national media company, Craig produced shows for MTV and VH1 watched by 100,000’s of people. He will help produce your experience into a keynote that will attract, engage and inspire audiences locally, nationally and possibly internationally.

Not a Celebrity, Just a Guy Like You… Literally

Craig has been using speaking not only to motivate audiences in personal development, but he first earned an income by using speaking as a tool to build his coaching business as the preferred business coach to the Master Builders and HIA. He will show you how he built a business not using celebrity but genuine and authentic speaking strategies.

You don’t need anymore school; you need to create.

— Craig O’Sullivan
Image source: https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/teaching/strategies/flipping/different
Image source: https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/teaching/strategies/flipping/different

The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion or debates.

— Vanderbilt University