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Craig O’Sullivan is a natural born leader; charismatic, skilful and a massive visionary. Other leaders have always seen the Craig’s leadership potential. At school Craig was appointed School Captain, captain of sports teams and captain of the academic excellence program. As a professional Craig has always been promoted quickly through the ranks to management and leadership roles and is highly sought after by other successful experienced business professionals such as Mark Bouris; being appointed as the youngest Mortgage Manager in Australia.

Craig O’Sullivan has a high focus on personal and professional development and is constantly learning and applying new leadership strategies and principles. Leading 1,000’s of people across Australia through his national events company, as a qualified school teacher and a successful business coach. However, it wasn’t until he was asked to lead a small team of volunteers at a local church that he learned his greatest lesson in leadership; being a leader is not about being the best, it is about drawing out the best in others. John C. Maxwell (Leadership Authority) states, “you haven’t lead until you have lead a team of volunteers.”

Craig O’Sullivan had always lead from the front, having the best skills and being charismatic; people naturally followed him. However, we run out of energy and time when we lead from the front, charisma can only attract a limited number of people and we cannot rely on only our own skills and abilities to be successful; Lee Iacocca (former Chrysler CEO) said, “I’m not the smartest man, I just surround myself with those who are.” When Craig discovered that his charisma, skills and work ethic was limiting his ability to lead effectively, he went on a mission to discover how his leadership influence could be multiplied. Studying a Masters in Leadership and learning a basic yet powerful ancient leadership style that has influenced billions of people over the past two millenniums, Craig has now been able to multiply his leadership impact.

Craig will combine this leadership experience and knowledge with his charismatic storytelling ability, coaching gift and professional education strategies to work with your team to develop a new leadership style that will cause them to have greater influence and enact immediate increase in follower motivation, task adherence, and job satisfaction which will result in higher productivity for your company.

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purposeful leadership =

leaders purpose + followers purpose + tasks purpose

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