The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

— Mark Twain


Every person has their own unique strengths, gifts and personality that has been created within them by a higher power for a predestined personal purpose for a greater plan.

This purpose can only truly be understood by gaining FREEDOM from all internal and external limitations by having a connection through relationship with that higher power.



A not for profit movement educating people worldwide to DISCOVER their purpose, encouraging them to operate within their purpose, empowering them to IMPACT the world with their purpose and equipping them to MULTIPLY the influence of their purpose.

We live our life constantly restricted by limiting beliefs. Beliefs put on you by others, brought on by yourself or from negative experiences. We carry emotional baggage and prevent ourselves from living to our full potential because of other peoples standards.

For us to live a life OnPurpose first we need freedom from these constrictions, forgiving ourselves and others allowing us to have a clear mind to be able to connect to the power beyond that predestined us with our unique purpose.

Once we have been able to break free of all distractions, we have the opportunity to discover and understand the strengths, gifts and personality that have been given to us for our unique purpose.

It is not until we have a clear understanding of who we are that we can discover what our true purpose is and how we can use those strengths, gifts and personality in harmonious combination to live a life OnPurpose.

Living our life OnPurpose is worthless unless it is making the world a better place, a better place not for the individual, but for other people. Our purpose was never meant for our own benefit and is not fulfilling until we are generous with our gifts and resources to impact others. 

The impact of our purpose is not measured by size or numbers, but by simply the act of living OnPurpose impacting at least one other person. No one persons purpose is greater than another persons purpose. The measure is simply against our own purpose and if we are living OnPurpose impacting other people with our purpose.

Some people have been purposed for a wider spread impact and for this they need to learn how to multiply their influence. Learning leadership strategies to be able to attract, mentor and release people with the same purpose.

Multiplying the OnPurpose movement impacting families, communities, countries and the world.

OnPurpose Groups (OP Groups) are about creating community and support for people with a common purpose and is how we multiply our impact in the world. Sharing our gifts and inspiring others to live a life OnPurpose.