With over 23 years of experience engaging, inspiring and transforming church audiences all over the world, Craig has been driven to constantly develop his craft of preaching. With a flair to turn an everyday event into a suspense filled, action packed, edge of your seat thriller, his sermons are engaging and inspirational. Additionally, Craig causes true transformation through identifying a wise, powerful and relevant lessons that your congregation will remember and immediately apply to see personal results. 

Sermon topics


‘The Purpose Driven Live’ is the highest selling non-fiction book of all time (besides the bible). Why? Because, as Mark Twain says, “the two most import days in a persons life is the day they are born and the day they discover why.” Everyone is seeking the answer to their purpose in life; whether they call it their purpose, their calling or their why, we are all looking for it. This powerful and engaging message will guide your congregation through the true process of how to discover their true purpose in life using incredible stories from Craig’s own personal life of the journey he took to discover his purpose as metaphors and to empower them to go out into their community and begin to find true fulfilment while operating in their purpose to impact others. This message is great to empower and mobilise your church to outreach and not only making an impact in your local community, but by also igniting church growth.

The waiting room

This creatively crafted message helps people increase their faith and maintain their patients while waiting for that big miracle to arrive. Craig will share his personal testimony of waiting to find his perfect wife all through the practical experience that everyone can relate to of waiting in the doctors surgery. Your church will find this inspiring, faith-filling, deeply engaging and extremely humorous. This message is perfect during or following a season of miracles teachings.

The power of ‘Y’

So many of us are distracted by doing what we are good at rather than operating in our purpose and wondering why we are not fulfilled in life. Craig will use a powerful metaphor from a simple guitar amplifier that will give your audience great revelation and funny ‘AH-HUH’ moments as they realise that even though they may be using their gifts and talents, they may not be fulfilling their purpose.