4 Weeks to Be a SNIPER MARKETER:

Become more focused and targeted than ever,
run your network marketing business like a real business,
and start getting leads, sales, and team within a month

Only AUD$300
LIMITED!!! 20 Positions Only

Sniper Training

Launch Date:
EST – 7pm Monday, 17 September
AEST – 9am Tuesday, 18 September

Sniper Training What’s included?

Niche Discovery Assessments

For entrepreneurs to discover their niche it is important to identify these key personal and professional attributes to learn how they interplay so that we can be strategic in combining personality, gifts, strengths, experience to discover the ideal niche for them. These assessments have a secondary function that allows us to become more self-aware so that we can get the best performance from ourselves throughout this program… and beyond.

These assessments have been used by 100,000,000’s of people world-wide, however, what makes this program unique is the combination of these resources along with two additional proprietary assessments that guide you to discover your Natural Genius and your Passions.

Niche Discovery Session

After completing your assessments, you will have a private 45 min one-on-one video session with Craig O’Sullivan to help you interpret your results. In this session we will analyse your results so we can discover niche options for you to be targeted with your marketing. This session will also ensure you can have clarity prior to commencing the program; therefore maximising the effectiveness, giving you great momentum to launch you into the program.

Private Facebook Group

It is a great feeling to be a part of a tribe, connecting with people going through the same journey as you. We have set up a private Facebook Group for you to share your challenges for others to provide support and encouragement, share your wins so we can all celebrate and cheer you on, and a sense of community that we need as entrepreneurs; as it can be lonely at times.

Strategic Training Videos

To maximise the effectiveness of the program we employ the ‘Flipped Classroom’ method. “The ‘Flipped Classroom’ describes the reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new materials outside of the classroom (or coaching sessions), via videos and other learning materials, and then class time (coaching session) is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through strategic strategies such as problem solving, discussion or debates.” Vanderbilt University. In other words, we will provide you with training videos and materials online to watch, learn and apply in your own time and our live coaching sessions will…

Implementation Sessions

Our live coaching sessions will maximise time by not teaching (as the strategic teaching will be done in the online training videos), but applying, answering questions, and coaching. These four weekly 2 hour live online sessions will hold you accountable, provide you with clarity on the topic of the week, and help you apply the strategy to your particular situation. Craig will bring you live into the session and coach you through the challenges you are having; you will be transformed from being coached yourself, along with witnessing others being coached. You will have the experience of being in a group workshop, yet with the advantage of not having to travel.  ATTENDEES ARE LIMITED TO 20 PER PROGRAM TO ENSURE EACH PARTICIPANT RECEIVES INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION.